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The foundation of our company is built from a deep sense of understanding for the situations our customers face. They are typically caught up in a sensitive time in their lives. We are not only leaving homes and businesses better than we found them, but also the people.

Our mission is to deliver a lasting positive impact in your life through our talents and services.

Commercial Restoration
Water Damage
Fire Damage
Disaster Response

Commercial Large Loss Services

In addition to comprehensive residential water damage and fire damage restoration services, we also deliver Oklahoma's industry-leading commercial flood & fire damage repair.
Commercial Restoration

Hotels & Apartment Complexes

Multi-level residential buildings are more susceptible to property damage due to the amount of plumbing and appliances available to your tenants. A simple pipe burst could lead to enormous damage.
Commercial Restoration

Schools & Universities

In addition to water removal, structural drying, repair and refurbishment work, effective and long-term solutions are the best way to curb large losses and prevent their incidence in the future.
Commercial Restoration

Malls & Shopping Centers

Nothing deters potential clients more so than a moldy, musky shopping center. This is a sign of major moisture damage that has the potential to lead to structural issues that require serious attention.
Commercial Restoration

Warehouse & Storage Facilities

If you have a warehouse, manufacturing site or other commercial property that has been affected by flooding or other water damage, Advanced Restoration can initiate an emergency response plan.
Commercial Restoration

Stadiums & Venues

Flooding and water damage in commercial properties are serious problems with potentially disastrous consequences. The costs associated with loss in productivity can be truly catastrophic.
Commercial Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Among all the disasters your property will endure, water-related problems are the most common. They can be caused by natural disasters and structural problems, and can sometimes get out of hand.
Water Damage

Plumbing Overflow Cleanup

When encountering water from sewage systems, the contaminated water needs to be removed from your property ASAP. We use the best equipment and methods to properly restore your property.
Water Damage

Flooring Damage Restoration

We understand that different floors demand specific needs to be able to retain their integrity. That's why our professional technicians only utilize correct restoration processes on your floors.
Water Damage

Appliance Leak Cleanup

For over 20 years, we have seen many properties that have sustained water-related problems due to simple appliance leaks. When moisture ignored, it can create a perfect habitat for mold and mildew.
Water Damage

Structural Damage Repair

Strong storms and floods have the capability to tear your building apart. However, only a number of property owners know about the damaging effects of mold and mildew, wood rotting, and foul odors.
Water Damage

Basement Flooding

Since your basement is located at the lowest point of your buildings, very rarely does it have a way for water to escape. Unless treated, the liquid will remain in the area and create more issues.
Water Damage

Frozen Pipe Damage

If you have not taken significant steps to insulate your water pipes or if your water supply infrastructure is in need of repair, bursting pipes can occur at anytime, especially in freezing weather.
Water Damage

Burst Pipe Repair

If your sinks or bathtubs are having problems draining water, it’s likely that there’s a blockage in the plumbing system. Hair, soap residue, and other sediments can get stuck in the pipes, causing major issues.
Water Damage

Washing Machine Line Break

Constant use of your washer can lead to breakdowns, including a broken washing machine line. When this happens, it causes water damage to your home along with the breakdown of your washing machine.
Water Damage

Water Damage Insurance Claims

Trying to file a water damage insurance claim the moment the water catastrophe has subsided is a difficult task. If you make a mistake while filing your claim, you won’t receive the aid you need.
Water Damage

Fire Damage Restoration

Our company only utilizes the best equipment and restoration methods in dealing with your property affected by fire damage. By doing so, it is certain that you are in careful hands.
Fire Damage

Smoke & Soot Removal

Getting rid of smoke and soot is not a simple process, because this damage is difficult to spot and can settle into hard to reach areas. This damage can render your duct work and appliances unfit for use.
Fire Damage

Personal Property Restoration

Furniture, appliances, walls and personal belongings will absorb water, smoke and soot. This makes the restoration process more difficult. Nevertheless, your valuable property can still be restored.
Fire Damage

Fire Damage Claim Assistance

One of the hardest things to do after you’ve experienced a fire-related incident is filing a fire damage insurance claim. We can assist you in gathering a list of the things you’ve lost.
Fire Damage

Disaster Restoration Services

There are situations wherein most other restoration contractors simply aren't prepared - whether it's a lack of equipment or training - to deal with severe weather damage on a large scale.
Disaster Response

Storm Damage Repairs

Strong storms bring about the worst conditions – not just in weather, but also in your surroundings. Along with potential electrical damage, the heavy rain and strong winds are some of your worst enemies.
Disaster Response

Wind Damage Repairs

Recovering from wind damage isn’t always easy. Not only do you have to find a way to free your property from the debris, but you need to restore the damaged structures as well.
Disaster Response

Disaster Insurance Claim Help

Advanced Restoration knows how important it is to fill out your claim ASAP. Many insurance providers limit your time to file an insurance claim, so delaying yours isn’t recommended.
Disaster Response

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Advanced Restoration is your commercial restoration service provider in the greater Oklahoma City & Tulsa Area for large or small commercial jobs. Our team has years of experience handling commercial jobs of all sizes. We specialize in the restoration of commercial properties damaged by water, fire, and storms.

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    Just as any professional performs at a higher level of competency in their fields, IICRC Certified Technicians set themselves apart through training, experience, and comprehensive examination.

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Advanced Restoration is proud to serve the greater Oklahoma City & Tulsa areas for your residential and commercial restoration needs. We are a full-service restoration company that can guide you through the restoration process from disasters to restoring your property to its pre-damaged condition. Our technicians are licensed and certified to ensure your job will be done the right way, the first time.

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